Engagement on Social Media & Why Baiting doesn’t work.

I’ve just come out of a short meeting I’ve had with a Norse Media client, regarding why their campaigns weren’t quite as successful as they were back in “day dot”.

We were talking “Engagement” and how to go about it.

Engagement refers to actions on your page and posts, likes, clicks or comments on a video for example. 

With Facebook Insights, engagement is defined as post clicks, likes, shares and comments and we had one real theme..

Don’t bait people – no one likes to be baited in any circumstance, especially without reward. 

Too many potential engagements end with a sigh and an immediate navigation away from your content.

Not to mention – Social media algorithms are smarter than you might think and engagement baiting by votes (like for X, love for Y) and share baiting (like and share to win… which actually goes against many platforms t&cs and could land you with a closed page) isn’t smiled upon.

Social media pages need authentic engagement, not for you business owners, but for the readers..

their readers need to be happy or they wont be readers for long – without the readers who would we pay to get our content infront of?

…you see where that goes..

So engagement through baiting is a no-no – that said, I do still see baiting posts doing the rounds, but far less frequently than 12months ago

Facebook as a platform can go as far as to check for the audio that appears in videos that encourages “baiting” and flag your content, reducing it’s reach.

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine where your posts show up in your followers’ News Feed.

The purpose of the algorithm is to surface posts users are most likely interested in, so the key to great engagement is as always, knowing who your target audience is better than they know themselves.

If you have a clearly defined avatar and good copy writing skills, you’ll have people engaging with your posts without having to use reach destroying tactics like baits, shock headlines and pseudo competitions to drive your brand forward.