Foundations of Nutrition Course (AfN Certified – CC041)


The Foundations of Nutrition short course is now available through Norse Training Principals, it is comprised of three modules, that contain 3-6 lessons per module.

At first, in Module one, you will look at the role of the nutritionist and the nutrition professional and cover topics such as the expected qualifications routes, what a Nutritionist is in the UK and what you might be expected to cover in your work.

You will look at data collections and the tools nutritionists use to measure variables and progress, the difference between numerical data and subjective data and it’s value in practice as-well-as in research, backing up your decision making and presenting arguments.

Finally, at the end of module one, you will look at populations, statistics, and forecasting, understanding the importance of governing bodies and research foundations such as the World Health Organisation, The International Society of Sports Nutrition and the British Dietetic Association, as well as the Association for Nutrition

Module two covers the basic biochemistry that you need to understand to help appreciate digestion and utilisation of foods, which helps lay the foundation for understanding topics in future such as supplementation, how the body uses essential fatty acids, utilises fats, glucose and in specific cases amino acids to produce energy.

We will also cover vitamins and minerals and dietary reference values set by organisations we talked about in module one, such as the Scientific advisory committee for nutrition (the SACN)

Module 3 looks at the underlying principals behind lifestyle and behavior change, we will look at the concepts that drive decision making and commitment to lifestyle change, as well as the research supporting this.

Not only will you receive the full Foundation course and certification on completion, all purchases will also receive the FULL Applied Nutrition and Supplementation Course (Since retired, previously carried AfN Certification code CC025 – a Level 3 AfN Course)

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