To Disseminate scientific, evidence-based nutrition information and education relevant to weight management and sports nutrition. To empower the learner, allowing self-sufficiency and confidence with a focus on evidence-based practice; The bringing together of Knowledge, experience & individuality to create the whole.

With higher standards, accountability to governing bodies and experts, our primary focus has always been to create capable and confident yet academically curious students,

Over the last few years, through the expertise offered by various collaborations, the Nutritional Academy and Norse Training Principals has educated over 2,500 personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists and members of the public and facilitated their educational journey

Rich Sennewald

Course development & Tutoring

⊗ Champion the evidence-based approach to coaching and working with clients

⊗ Empower our learners to be self-sufficient by focusing on critical thinking skills and respectful debate⊗ Champion the  approach to coaching and working with clients

⊗ Focus on general population groups first and the underlying principals that govern all nutritional interventions before seeking more specialist approaches (where appropriate)

⊗ Promote Nutrition as a science and the experience of working with a trainer or healthcare specialist as an educational journey for all parties involved

⊗ Provide the highest quality of content available in the leisure industry

Delivery of the majority of content is through pre-recorded video lectures, however we also provide audio downloads and written content as-well.

These videos and files are hosted in your own private learning area.

Content is viewable on all systems and platforms (tablet, phone, desktop, Android, Windows, Apple) but requires an internet connection to view live.

Each overarching topic also contains self-assessment quizzes and tasks to help enhance your learning experience, ensuring you as a student understand the content you are working through, rather than just completing lessons through reading/watching

    • Each area of study carries a short quiz relating directly to the content that has just been studied
    • Questions ask the student to take what they have learnt and either apply it to a scenario or connect several parts to clarify a meaning
    • The course then finishes with a longer, comprehensive multiple-choice quiz to ensure full understanding of all topics that have been covered.
    • The multiple-choice quiz assessment process is standard and indicates that students have a good understanding of the content they are studying, it is the minimum requirement for awarding a completion certificate carrying the AfN certification stamp


Below are some examples of written lessons, video lessons and the quizzes associated with the course.


Our Foundations of Nutrition course is AfN Certified and, we have the utmost confidence that your experience learning with Norse Training Principals will be easy and hassle free

The cost to study is £175 

This covers everything that you need to complete the course.
However, if you wish to retain access to updated materials, online hosting of materials and our Archives of content, you will be billed £100 every six months.

This is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL, however, you will lose access after six months, Your certificates will remain valid permanently and we will happily re-issue any certificates at any time, regardless of membership status.