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We understand that social media is about more than just flash images, bright colours and targeted adverts. A product or service has a community that uses it, understands it, loves it and at times, hates it.
The customer community is the companies extended family, all of our work across social media focuses on building relationships between new and existing customers, creating the best organic engagement possible between company and customer using the tools available to us

The notion of sharing information through storytelling is as old as language itself, we firmly believe that campaigns and promotions are best built as if telling a story to a captive audience, Campaigns are most effective when they are engaging and memorable, our work pushes the art of storytelling into our campaigns through a unique approach


Managing social media requires you to understand the best times and places to be sociable, there are numerous tools available to you, to allow you to see when your audience is online, what else your audience is interested in and where you can reach them.

This is of course incredibly valuable when tailoring a campaign, as not only do you know at what time you have the best engagement, but also in which area, under which topic and even to what age group you will be speaking to at any one time.


Regular insight tacking, assessing and reporting is crucial to running any aspect of social media, without it you rely entirely on guesswork.

Creating an accurate heat-map like the one above requires several weeks of tracking and monitoring to ensure the greatest spread of data and should be repeated frequently

engagement best post
follower heatmap

Understanding the benefit of social media is straightforward, knowing if the person you’ve asked to take on the social media role is somewhat more difficult as success isn’t measured in full, through sales, through how the company is perceived, or any one measure, metrics such as engagement, following, “people talking about” and views are of course important, but all of these things combined take multiple departments to excel at.


Key Performance Indicators are varied, but social media is one of the easiest areas in a business to analyse due to the vast amount of software available to track engagement, clicks, reach and influence.

Not only that but social media is responsible in large, for how the outside world perceives you as a business.

use of hashtage

Ultimately, the visual style and branding will be down to the preference of the client, however we have prepared and will share with you several projects we have worked on, as a guide to help you chose, if required, above is an example of a channel that use Warlord Games’ products, such as The Strontium Dog Starter box for tabletop gamers.

All content requires planning, scripting and editing, with a very particular style in mind, we feel we can create content that is professional and engaging, but also contains many subtle elements that reflect quality, nods to the followers and teasers toward future campaigns.

Every element of a post or video is planned, with purpose.

Diluting focus too much can be just as bad as putting all your focus into one product.

With that in mind, a year-long plan is created to achieve an overarching goal (i.e increase following of the main business and awareness of an event) with smaller goal driven campaigns running throughout the year, focusing on for example, product launches, sales increases and community building.

All of which need to be tied back to the main overarching goal.

This reinforces the importance of a dedicated social media team working closely with other departments.


This is pretty, 
very very Important

Structuring the pricing of contract work requires a lot of consideration for all parties. As an outside contractor there are costs associated with not being employed within the company aswell as savings, therefore we offer a variety of ways to push forward with work that everyone can be comfortable with.

This allows the client to be in greater control of their costs and allows the project to grow as value and results from the impact that an effective social media team are seen across your departments.



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