Fasted Cardio for Fat Loss – Fact or Fiction?

Fasted Cardio for extra shreds?

It’s still very common to see people perform their morning training (cardiovascular) in a semi-fasted state (after an overnight fast, before their breakfast) in an effort to increase their fat-burn. .

The general theory behind fasted training is that glycogen is partially depleted overnight and during the training bout, along with the sense of insulin from a feed allows for much easier mobilisation of stored body fat that is then burnt for fuel.
What does biology & the research say?

Training in a fasted or fed state does have an impact on fuel utilisation, but the whole balance of weight / fat gain over a 24hr period isn’t quite so simple, there are many mechanisms that balance the release of lipids (fats) for fuel and the storage of these again when they aren’t needed after the exercise bout.

Energy balance over the day, still appears to be the most significant factor in weight management and in particular, body-fat reduction.

Longer-term studies have failed to demonstrate a significant advantage to fasted cardiovascular training over fed training for fat-loss.
For most people embarking in a weight loss journey, being comfortable, well fueled and recovering properly will be most important for facilitating their weight loss over time.

Focus on calorie balance, a well thought out protein/carbohydrate and fat intake suited to their lifestyle and having fun with being active!