It’s no secret that I used to run online coaching as the largest part of my business, but once upon a time I lost the enjoyment for it, along with my own training, with more demands for “periodised, strict, prescribed workloads” and control of every training variable under the sun, we lost sight of what was enjoyable about training, everyone wanted to train like a professional athlete because that’s what we were being told we had to do.
We forgot that getting your heart rate up and working hard was just perfect as important, as performing 6 sets of perfectly times hill sprints with 45 perfect seconds of rest, everything became a spreadsheet, a tick box, and no one was allowed to enjoy their lifting.
Since late last year, I took just five of my online clients on permanently, regularly invited them to my studio and we trained together with the FUN way.
We frequently threw together challenges that complimented our training, we kept a scoreboard, and we fought to better ourselves each session.
We stripped out training down to the bare essentials and we swapped hour sessions in the gym for walking, climbing, running, jumping, and being dexterous, things that tick the boxes that develop what we call the basic pillars of movement and the fundamental skills we need to sharpen, in order to become better at everything.
We termed these ways of designing training programs, the “Norse Training Principals” – after the core values that the Norse, Nordic and Scandi all hold dear.
Being active, being outdoors, relishing movement, and enjoying a challenge, amongst other things and is exactly what these programs you are going to be following focus on.
Workouts that will build endurance, stamina, strength, mental fortitude, overall movement health, and more.
I get all gushy talking about that!

I’m quite happy with what we’ve created! hopefully, you’re thinking that light-hearted, Norse mythology-themed workouts are as cool as I do and are excited to get cracking with this, so just to reiterate what you’ll be getting…

Your main lifts, programmed for progression over 4/6/8 weeks, as we decide – together.
Your program is fleshed out with weekly challenges and training that will complement your main lifting programming
Group support, live stream videos & the exclusive Facebook group, which is strictly limited in numbers
(it is important you use the Facebook group for the best experience)
Exclusive swwwwwaaaaaaagggg
Extra bolt-on workouts to use as you wish with your training (like pull-up progression programs etc)
How the programming works.
After assessing your needs, we will work out the most important things you need to help progress your lifts, if that’s just a change-up in set/rep range or you’ve got a genuine sticking point we can work through, we will tailor the first three to five cards (depending on your training) to suit you, with your progression, accessory lifts and recommended movement choices all in clear simple plain English.,
The Challenges
Each week, the challenge will be announced, as part of the fun, these are educational! You’ll notice the group banner may change, or your group image may alter – leaving you to wonder what the challenges might entail. I enjoy tormenting the group each week with the mystery unveil and stream of their workouts
Each named challenge, “Jotunn”, “Fenrir”, or “Hrothgar’s Hall” has a strong story behind it in either mythology, literature, or history, which will give you a clue as to what to expect.
Is it a challenge relating to mental fortitude? Strength? Constitution? Tenacity? Dexterity? An exercise in Kindness? all aspects of the Norse Training Principals, or is it just straight up going to make you hate me for programming it?
You’ll have to wait and see.
Completing these each week allows you to log your numbers on the scoreboard to be congratulated by each fellow member, remember, this isn’t a competition, but an exercise in accountability.
Each workout can be scaled to your ability to ensure the greatest enjoyment, you may attempt this as many times in the week as you like and over the weeks, we will see your performance increase week on week.
In Summary:
  • Access to the full chosen Training Archive
  • Pull-Up, Handstand & Bodyweight Training Guides
  • Website Login
  • Take Part in the Weekly Challenges
  • Access to Exclusive Apparel
  • Access to the Facebook group for support
  • 4 / 6 or 8 Week bespoke training plan
  • Become Immortalised on the Challenge Board
  • Enhanced Personal website archive access
  • Weekly Training & Education Live-Stream
Month 1: £125 one-off fee – Billed at the start of the month
Every month thereafter: £15 – Billed on the 25th of each month.