Protein Pancakes (if you REALLY can’t have regular pancakes….) that don’t suck.

Protein Pancakes – A great way to mix up your breakfast! The internet is awash with recipie, using cottage cheese, oats, eggs, but this is a simple effective recipie that we’ve used for years.

The fats in this pancake come from the use of an egg and that we cook them in coconut oil.The carbohydrate comes from the banana, berries and fat free yoghurt and the protein comes from quality whey, egg and yoghurt used to top it all off!


1 scoop of your favourite whey (flavours such as blueberry, chocolate or vanilla tend to work the best with these pancakes! You want a scoop of whey that yields about 20-25grams of protein or about 30g in weight of protein


1 medium egg
1 Just, or just under-ripe banana
Optional – Cottage cheese
Coconut oil to cook.
Defrosted frozen forest fruits / berries or low sugar jam
Fat free Greek yoghurt
Cinnamon powder to top!

Protein pancakes are simple! but you do need a good, non-stick pan, or else you’re going to make a burnt mess!

Oil your pan well with coconut oil, blend up the pancake ingredients (minis the toppings) and blitz until the mix starts to fluff up a little, add a small amount of cottage cheese to the mix, if you need it to be slightly more batter like

Get the pan HOT HOT HOT and pour in a small amount of your batter, allowing it to cook before flipping – you’ll find that unlike normal pancakes, protein pancakes seem to cook slightly more brown, this is simply because of the egg and banana mix, but they will still taste fine!
A smaller pan is easier to use as you can make a slightly thicker pancake!

Once your pancakes are cooked, stack em’ high and top with your yoghurt and berries and eat HOT!
Per recipie – Dependant on size of eggs, banana, amount of oil and so on – we highly suggest you track your first batch to get an idea of how much you like to eat, but you can expect to have a stack that’s Roughly 300-450kcal kcal, rocking at least 35+ G carbs , 30+ G Protein and less than 8g of fat!