The Split Squat can be a tricky movement to master, don’t expect to be able to perform it without a bit of wobbling on day 1!
Here is a brief introduction to some of the finer points of performing and coaching the lift

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  • This week, we’re focusing on single limb movements in our Chosen Training, enjoy this detailed document on the Split Squat – Totally free! rear-foot-elevated-split-squat
  • Protein Pancakes – A great way to mix up your breakfast! The internet is awash with recipie, using cottage cheese, oats, eggs, but this is a simple effective recipie that we’ve used for years. The fats in this pancake come from the use of an egg and that we cook
  • We got our hands on an Olympvs athletic fit shirt and have been putting it through it’s paces for the last 3 months – Here is our review of the smart formal shirt (as worn in the video) that has seen squat sessions, Olympic lifting session, work in a butchery
  • Hot drinks are a staple of the British diet and as such, we will almost always come into contact with someone selling something magical to us, but as Brits, we’re naturally sceptical toward anyone who screws with our brews. Tea is fantastic, most of us are used to having a
  • This week, we’re focusing on heavy overhead pressing in our Chosen Training, enjoy this detailed document on the Barbell Military Press – Totally free! Military-Press-1
  • One of the main reasons we created The Chosen Few, was dealing with adulting. None of us were particularly good at it and our time management sucked, we lost our love of training and short WOD style workouts reignited our love for it.  For a simple taste of the weekly
  • COMING SOON – FREE BUTT TRAINING GUIDE in order to chose the best movements (meaning, the best exercises to do, to make your butt grow) we need to first, understand the muscle that is “the butt” Here on out, we will be referining the the group of muscles that make
  • Some of the wealthiest people in fitness today have a huge following and turn over more money than many of us can ever imagine.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake and there is such fierce competition, you occasionally see some truths get bent as a way of ‘standing
  • SPORTS THAT LIKELY BENEFIT FROM CAFFEINE USE Endurance sports : Trained cyclics – Hodgson et al 2013: 5mg per kg, 60min pre event. Powder vs instant coffee, placebo and decaf Universally 6mg per kg of BW improved performance in cyclists, Doses of 1.5mg have been negatively linked Desbrow et al
  • A review of caffeine levels in hot beverages in the United Kingdom generally show a broad range of 15– 254 mg caffeine per serving across all high street coffees, including espressos, long blacks, lattes, filter and cappuccino style coffees. Coffee strength varies depending on the way it is prepared. Espresso
  • Fasted Cardio for extra shreds? It’s still very common to see people perform their morning training (cardiovascular) in a semi-fasted state (after an overnight fast, before their breakfast) in an effort to increase their fat-burn. . The general theory behind fasted training is that glycogen is partially depleted overnight and
  • Context, speaking in absolutes and Strengthening the False Dichotomy that exists: The most simple way to win someone over is to present two situations to chose from and demonstrate the superiority of one or the other, When in reality the two choices are not mutually exclusive, nor are they the only
  • Let’s talk about “Confirmation Bias” because it’s absolutely rife in the world, not just our industry alone. “THE TENDENCY TO SEARCH FOR, INTERPRET, FAVOR AND RECALL INFORMATION IN A WAY THAT CONFIRMS ONE’S PREEXISTING BELIEFS & HYPOTHESIS.” A confirmation bias is often emotionally charged, causing people to hang onto or
  • A lot of people are asking if the “game/fad” is actually getting people moving and arguing the good points and the bad points, well a glance at various social media will clearly show there are a lot of people who have started moving around who never used to before, the